dealobot - the platform

We promote your Deals and Offers

Partners: It's for you

We offer you a simple platform to register deals, promotions and offers.

We promote these deals to end users via digital marketing.

We integrate your offers into our Facebook channel.

We automatize the end user promotion with a Facebook Messenger bot.

The Idea

The main idea behind dealobot is to offer a promotional space where you can place your deals.

An auction-based algorithm sorts the deals in seven categories: accommodation, travel, food, outdoor, culture, wellness and packages.

Deal Hunters get their dreams realized inside Facebook Messenger. Dealo, this friendly guy here on the right, presents them your offer in an attractive conversational flow.

Hey, I'm Dealo

and I will make your customer happy!

dealo- the bot

Deal Hunters: Come in!

Find the best deals at the best price for all your activity!

Talk to Dealo on Facebook Messenger! He is happy to help you to get brand new deals and promotions!

Dealo, please help me to
realize my dreams !

dealobot on Facebook


How it works

We give you promotional space for your deals and offers. You participate in an auction for this space by submitting us a bid price. Our algorithm then adds your deal into the loop inside messenger flow. We do this for each category and language.

Once a deal hunter sees your deal and shows his interest by pressing a button, we add your bid price to your monthly invoice. We do not charge you the bid price. We charge you only five cents more than your next competitor on a bid.

Unlike other services, we do not collect money from the deal hunter. When he orders a deal, he gets a voucher. He then pays his voucher directly to you:

  • no money hold back
  • no risk for overbooking slots
  • no deal commission fees

Your advantage

Be the first to use Facebook Messenger to promote your deals and offers. dealobot is easy to use and hassle-free. Control the way your deal is published by bidding the value you think appropriate.

Get real ROI (Return-on-investment) from segmented and ready-to-buy customers. As we use Messenger and not the internet to show your deals, we know exactly the person interested in your deal. On many other platforms, you pay CTR (click-through-rates) for unknown or anonymous site visitors.

  • no money hold back
  • no risk for overbooking slots
  • no deal commission fees as the service provider behind dealobot offers you various packages for promoting your deals outside this marketing channel. We will help you to find the best marketing mix and get lots of happy customers.